WhatsApp not working in China, service looks to be blocked by the Government

WhatsApp users in China facing trouble to send images, videos and sometimes even texts. According to The New York Times, the Chinese government was doing partially blocking WhatsApp confirmed by the Security Analyst. This could eventual full ban of the app in china or could be lifted later on.

Not only the WhatsApp get partially banned, it would join a list of banned sites that grows longer by the day. In the past few days, the scurrilous stories of the censorship have continued to pour out of the communist country. China was forcing the three major websites to stop streaming the video, audio, and even the auditing sites.

A full block of WhatsApp would aid the Chinese native WeChat’s business. It is already more popular in the China due to the digital currency and local market integrated into the app. As the result of the censorship, native business got more benefits. Google leaving the China as the wonders for competing search engines Baidu, and Webio with the lack of other micro blogging like Facebook, Twitter.

Users have reported on other social media platform that they access the app, unless they use a virtual private network to send their internet traffic around the country. WhatsApp owned by Facebook offers Whatsapp like app end –to –end encryption to the user’s messages; this gives the greater privacy to the users from their government. But in the China’s messaging app WeChat is closely monitored and filtered by the government.

The questions of the people in the WhatsApp status come out a politically anxious time in China. Meanwhile, the Chinese government, sensitive Congress party sprawling effort to scrub all mention of Liu Xiaobo, who was the noble prize holder for the peace died in the government custody. So the China Government tighten the sensor to the WhatsApp, the users can’t send a text without the virtual private network, not the images.

The security researcher Kobeissi said the progressive tightening of the messaging apps forces the Chinese app users whatsapp iphone clone to restore their domestic apps as WeChat to simply function and have a day- to- day communication with each other.